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Abbotsford Filmmaker Debuts Documentary

Abbotsford Filmmaker Debuts Documentary

by Angelika Dawson

Playing Folk Songs is Easy screening includes concert by Oh Village

Abbotsford, BC – Playing folk songs may be easy but creating a documentary isn’t necessarily so as Abbotsford filmmaker, Aaron Dawson discovered this year. The upcoming documentary Playing Folk Songs is Easy about the band Oh Village was nearly a year in the making and a labour of love for Dawson who calls the band members friends.

“Making a documentary is so different from creating a narrative film because it’s not scripted,” Dawson said. “You know what you want as a filmmaker but you don’t actually know what you’re going to get. It’s a little scary.”

Dawson is quick to point out that the same quality also makes for an interesting process because it leaves room for surprises. He didn’t really know what the film was going to be like until he was in the editing phase, putting it all together. While knowing his subject matter personally was an advantage, Dawson says he was surprised by the way the film came together. He’s very pleased with the result.

“I was surprised by the different answers I got from each of the band members,” he says. “It was really interesting to hear their different views on elements of their music. Sometimes they were completely in sync, sometimes they were drastically different. I think fans are really going to enjoy this film.”

Along with interviews of the band members, the documentary also includes footage of the band recording at Afterlife Studios (formerly Mushroom Studios) in Vancouver as they worked on their sophomore album, Ocris. Scott Currie, lead singer and keyboardist for Oh Village says that the documentary will give fans a lot of insight into the band.

“When I watched it, it felt very much like the way we are as a band,” Currie says.

Having a good friend create the documentary meant that the band members could be themselves and not feel that they had to impress the filmmaker in any way. The result is an honest portrayal of the relationship between band members and the process of recording an album.

“I think fans will see how much we care about what we make and how much time it takes to create what we do,” Currie says. “I think the interviews also tell a lot about us.”

Playing Folk Music is Easy will have its debut screening on Saturday January 23rd at 7 p.m. Along with the screening of the film, fans will also have a chance to hear an acoustic set of music from some of the Oh Village band members and to interact with both band and filmmaker during the Q&A at the end. The screening takes place in the Chapel at Columbia Bible College, 2940 Clearbrook Road in Abbotsford. Cost is $7 at the door. The new album Ocris will also be available for purchase. For more information visit

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