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Bringing freedom to Dalits

Dalit Freedom Network Canada is celebrating 10 years of work in bringing freedom to the Dalits in India with a special Indian dinner at the Bombay Banquet Hall in Surrey on October 24, 2016.

The Dalits are also known as the “untouchables”, and live a life of social, economic and spiritual discrimination. Even though the caste system has been outlawed, it is still practiced in many ways throughout India. Dalit children are often refused entry to schools or treated poorly because of their status. Even the work of a Dalit is determined by their social standing – they are often given the task of handling dead bodies or animals, sweeping the streets or removing human waste.

But there is hope as education changes everything. In 2001, Dalit leaders gathered in Delhi to protest centuries of maltreatment. They asked for help, saying “Please provide our children with education and English language skills. Tell them they are people of value and worth.”

Since 2006, Dalit Freedom Network Canada has been working to build 20 Good Shepherd Schools across India for the Dalits. They have also been helping to provide Canadian sponsors to 7,188 Dalit children, who are now attending schools that provide the required courses necessary for continuing education. More importantly, each and every child is taught about their value and worth, giving both knowledge and self-confidence to each of these students.

“We look forward to celebrating the change and hope that have been brought to these Dalit children and their families through education,” says Sherry Bailey, Executive Director of Dalit Freedom Network Canada.

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