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Roy Henry Vickers to speak in Langley

The four directions of stewardship and reconciliation

by Marion Van Driel

World-renowned artist, author and sought-after speaker, Roy Henry Vickers will be in Langley on September 25 speaking on The Four Directions of Stewardship and Reflections on Reconciliation: the teacher, healer, visionary and leader within each person.

Vickers owns Tofino’s Eagle Aerie Art Gallery. When onsite he takes art enthusiasts through select works – delighting them with tales of his ancestors or of the area depicted in the piece. Roy is a skilled storyteller who relates to his audience with a down-to-earth vulnerability. His visual art reflects belief in the Creator who inspires not only his fine art, but also his desire to share truths learned on his journey.

Roy’s story is unique in many ways, beginning with his mixed English/First Nations parentage (his English mother became Canada’s first ever non-Aboriginal Chief). Roy’s dream to join the RCMP fell apart when his eye test revealed colour blindness. “So I became an artist,” he smirks.

Eagle Aerie Gallery (pictured below) is a traditional northwest coast longhouse built in 1986 on BC’s far west coast. Every year the gallery welcomes 500,000 visitors from around the world. Roy’s art has been gifted to Queen Elizabeth, Commonwealth heads of state, and other political leaders. His work, depicting the majesty of BC’s west coast, can be found in galleries the world over. With a unique combination of traditional and contemporary, European and First Nation influences he appeals to a wide range of ages, cultures and tastes. Having struggled with his own addiction, Roy is a passionate spokesperson for addiction and abuse recovery. He is a recognized leader among First Nations for his community involvement, for which he has received numerous honors and awards. More prestigious honors include appointment to the Order of BC, the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal and the Order of Canada. Roy was also influential in the 2010 Olympic Games bid.

A strong voice for environmental issues, Roy’s love for creation – especially BC’s coast and people is evident, as is his strong belief that everyone has a right to be loved and respected. One of the ways we can move forward with hope, reconciliation and strengthened relationships is to listen well to First Nations people articulate their stories of past and present generations.

Organized by Langley’s Journey to Reconciliation, the event takes place September 25, 7 – 9 pm at United Churches of Langley, 21562 Old Yale Road, Langley.

Tickets $15 at before September 15.

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