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Barney Coombs - son of encouragement…

Barney Coombs – son of encouragement…

Born December 24, 1937 Barney Coombs had been a police officer in England, then a pastor, becoming one of the leading teachers in the charismatic movement in the UK. In 1976 he joined Pastor Bob Birch at St. Margaret’s Church in East Vancouver (now named West Coast Christian Fellowship). Since that time Barney’s ministry grew to include churches in dozens of countries around the world, with countless leaders receiving him in an apostolic role. These churches, linked by relationship rather than legal structures, became known as the Salt & Light family of churches). Churches from Salt & Light North America gather regularly for equipping each other through regional conferences.

Jessie Enns (now a Senior Pastor in the US) grew up from a child in West Coast Christian Fellowship, East Vancouver. His words ring true for so many. He states, “Barney Coombs was a giant in the Lord, and made a profound impact in my life and the lives of countless others. It’s because of him that I am in the ministry (both me and my father before me). He taught me about the big picture…about doing the little things right…how to be a minister, how to be a son, how to be a father, how to be a pastor, how to be a leader, and how to be a disciple of Christ.”  

Barney went to be with the Lord July 22 

                                                                    – PB

  • Lloyd Peeler
    2 years ago

    The church magazine – – ” The Light “— did a feature on the passing of Barney Coombs. I did not know or ever met him that I know……..BUT… his connection with Bob Birch was interesting. The Birch family and my wife’s ( departed) family was very close ( sons – – – John and Paul )………… From the Okanagan to neighbours in Richmond BC. The Birch boys were apparently like brothers to my wife and her sisters. When I married Noreen we had our wedding reception in St. Margaret’s church hall………. Kind of the …. ” Hippy Church ” back then in the sixties, eh !!! ) Good memories. Bob was someone that in those days was truly – – kind 0f —- an Anglican – – rebel, but a ( Little) man who loved the Lord and made a huge impression on the local community in the late firties and sixties………………..Good memories. The Lord used him tremendously There are probably many many many people who have had their lives turned around as a result of his ministry.

    Just passing this on for what it is worth

    Blessings . . …. Lloyd Peeler ( My wife’s family name was Sergeant )

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