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Education Spotlight – Spring 2019

Valley Christian School
Maple Ridge Christian School
BC Christian Academy
MEI Christian Schools
Surrey Christian School
Cornerstone Christian Academy
West Coast Christian School
Regent Christian Academy
Langley Christian School






Valley Christian School

Valley Christian School (VCS) is pleased to announce its 5th year in the new building in Mission, BC. VCS first opened its doors in 1983 and is presently in its 35th year of offering Christ-centered education.

VCS’s beautiful location at 8955 Cedar Street in Mission, allows for expansion and growth while anticipating growth in the surrounding community. VCS is excited about the many opportunities ahead!

Currently, VCS offers a K to Grade 8 program for full-time students. Additionally, a unique and popular DL program is available that allows home school students to join the full time students in class for two days each week while following the teachers’ plans during the rest of the week. Please call the office to hear more about Valley Christian School!






Maple Ridge Christian School

People say timing is everything. We want to be in charge of that timing, but ultimately it is God’s divine plan and His perfect timing that is paramount.
At Maple Ridge Christian School, we have been anticipating the right time to start our school facility improvements. Over the last school year, we raised the funds for a library revitalization project that completely upgraded our learning commons area. We gained knowledge from this smaller-scale project, so we could move on to larger undertakings.
And now, through preparation and prayer, we find ourselves moving towards one of those larger projects. We are in need of a new education wing that will give our high school students the space they need and will bring the classes located in portables back into the school. We believe we are at a moment in time when we have the people and passions aligned just right.

You can celebrate this new adventure with us by attending our Now is the Time dinner and auction. Funds raised at this event will go towards the building of the new education wing. You will enjoy a gourmet meal, fun entertainment, and a lively auction experience—all the while sharing in our mission of Christian education.
The Now is the Time dinner and auction takes place on Friday, March 8 at Swan-E-Set Country Club. We hope to see you there!
For more information, please visit or call 604-465-4442.





BC Christian Academy

Twenty-seven years ago, God called a group of evangelical Christians together who passionately wanted their children educated from a biblical perspective.
In recent years, our enrolment has grown rapidly. As a result, our grade 9-12 students moved to a new HS campus in downtown Coquitlam last September. This new location has brought us closer to the homeless community and others struggling with the challenges of life. The move caused us to be more intentional, looking for ways to love others.
An amazing, touching story, occurred a few weeks ago when a high school boy was being driven home after he seriously injured his arm during a basketball game. The boy noticed a homeless man on the side of the road, not too far from our school. He told his mom to stop to find out what the man needed. The mother was quite hesitant as her boy was in pain from the injury but she felt it was important to reach out to this man and listen to her boy’s request. She drove around the block and returned to the homeless man and asked what he needed. The man said he needed socks. The high school boy and his mother quickly made their way to a local store to purchase socks and returned to the man to provide him with a basic need.

One of the best educations we can give our children is to develop a heart for others and become the hands and feet of Christ.

BCCA is on a path to build a new school in five years for 600 students, so more students like the boy above will receive an education beyond just the academics.
Join us at our Open House on February 2nd from 9:30-12:30 pm.

Ian Jarvie
Head Principal
BC Christian Academy





MEI Christian Schools

MEI Schools prepare young people to live a life of excellence through service to God’s kingdom and society as faithful disciples of Christ. Our mission informs our approach to development of the whole person – socially, intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Our unique academic structure integrates the BC curriculum with a Christian perspective. This equips students with practical skills and knowledge, as well as essential character traits and values for a well-rounded foundation in preparation for post-high school life.

MEI’s caring and qualified professionals are committed to creating a nurturing and supportive environment that is conductive to student learning and growth. Service learning is an integral component of the MEI experience and is fostered through a variety of outreach initiatives in which students are mentored to humbly and effectively serve others. Sports, drama, fine arts, and other extracurricular activities round out the MEI offering; students discover who they are while making lifelong friendships in a diverse community.

Join us for some new initiatives, which include an agricultural program and chapel ministry.

Students in the new agriculture program will be educated in sustainable agriculture practices, and will connect with alumni who are now leaders in the industry, while growing produce for the good of the community.

The restructured chapel ministry is an intentional approach to the growth of the next generation of worship leaders, and to cultivating a worship culture in the greater student body.

We invite you to explore all that the MEI experience has to offer students in preparation for a life of impact and influence.




Cornerstone Christian Academy

“A home away from home” best describes Cornerstone Christian Academy, where students can learn and flourish in a safe, caring, and Christ-centred environment. It is a haven for students to grow spiritually and academically, be guided by biblical principles, and develop character so that they might reflect the light and love of Jesus beyond the walls of their school setting. While growing from 6 to 270 students over the past 20 years, Cornerstone has maintained its family-like, evangelical approach to enfolding students from both Christian and non-Christian backgrounds.

Much like home should be, at CCA, strong relationships are built, successes and failures are allowed, unique characteristics are respected, growth is encouraged and supported, and parental involvement is valued. Most importantly, we hope memories are made to help students understand what it means to belong to the kingdom of God, and how to share the good news of the gospel with others.





Surrey Christian School

Real work. Real need. Real people

“The primary goal of Christian education is the formation of a peculiar people, a people who desire the Kingdom of God and thus undertake their life’s expression.”
-Dr. James K. A. Smith, Desiring the Kingdom .

When our oldest daughter was on the cusp of starting school, I felt as we journeyed to find a school whose mission and vision was the right fit for our family. What if we made the wrong choice? And what did the right choice even look like?

There is a question we use at Surrey Christian School that would have been helpful for us at the time: What is your deep hope for your child’s education and their life?
At Surrey Christian, our mission statement is “Educating for Wholeness by Engaging God’s World in the Servant Way of Jesus.” It would be easy as a Christian school to gather in a holy huddle and teach kids how to think their way to cultural engagement. But students are more than brains on a stick and must be given opportunity to be active participants in God’s unfolding story of redemption. As our Director of Learning, Darryl DeBoer, reminds us, a culturally-engaging Christian education should include real work that meets a real need for real people.

Nicholas Wolterstorff states that “It is nothing but a pious wish and a grossly unwarranted hope that students trained to be passive and non-creative in school will suddenly, upon graduation, actively contribute to the formation of Christian culture.” For our students to become a peculiar, culture-shaping people when they leave school, they need to practice.

Practice looks like our intermediate students building “belonging benches” for non-profit organizations in Surrey. It looks like the senior Art class interviewing elderly saints at a care home and painting their portrait, or a grade 5 class hosting a delicious breakfast for their friends from the Surrey Food Bank. It looks like a secondary Math class monitoring vehicle speeds through school zones and a Biology class being co-creators in the restoration of the garden that we live in. Not only did all these projects meet provincial curricular competencies, they provided students an opportunity to contribute to the common good.

Real work. – Real need. – Real people.

By Matthew Beimers, principal Surrey Christian School,
Cloverdale Campus





West Coast Christian School

Looking for a fantastic school?
West Coast Christian School is a small community-oriented school in Vancouver’s East Village. We offer K-12 programming with a genuine focus on strong academics, solid Christian values, community service and character development.

K – 5 and 6 – 8: Our elementary and middle school programs offer wonderful learning opportunities in small classes with high levels of individual attention, strong learning standards and passionate teachers. We are committed to helping our students succeed in all of their scholastic, social, emotional, and intellectual pursuits. We strive to ensure our students achieve their full God-given potential and develop a solid biblical foundation with a focus on Christian character and academic excellence.

9 -12: Our High School Program of Studies is designed to challenge our students to grow in their faith, excel in their academics and develop a strong character. We aim to help students attain their post-secondary goals, while working to develop each student’s ability to serve, lead and pursue excellence in Jesus’ name.

Unique opportunities: Throughout the school year our students have the opportunity to explore unique out-of-school learning experiences, serve the local community, travel internationally to serve the global community, and develop deep, lasting friendships.






Langley Christian School

Community: God’s design for growth

LCS has grown from a community of 17 students primarily from one church to over 1100 students from 93 churches and the refrain remains the same: “welcome to our community.”

Today, we have a much more global representation of God-worshippers who call the LCS community home. Families from a variety of countries are responding to God’s call on their lives and are enriching the educational milieu of our school. Our once-localized, predictable student demographic has expanded to reflect the breadth and depth of response by our international families desiring to grow in their faith and be educated in Christ. Community is living as God intended it to be! It is the gift of a rich and challenging life together, one that we need and can receive with joy.

Christian community is simply sharing a common life in Christ. It breaks down socio-economic and ethnic barriers and moves us beyond the self-interested isolation of private lives and beyond the superficial social contacts that pass for “Christian fellowship.” The biblical ideal of community challenges us instead to commit ourselves to life together as the people of God—both in this present time and in the time to come!

Learn more about the community of LCS at






Regent Christian Academy

Do you remember your favourite teacher? Maybe he or she saw your potential and encouraged you to be your best, or taught you valuable life lessons by his or her example. A teacher often makes a lasting impact on their students.

At Regent Christian Academy we have a strong team of skilled educators who use their gifts to inspire the next generation through passion, innovation critical thinking and encouragement. Dedicated teachers provide our students with a strong sense of belonging while delivering a high level of academics and a variety of opportunities to participate in athletics, music, technology, and the arts.

We like that our students are prepared to enter post-secondary education or compete in the workforce, but we love that they are confident in the love of Christ. All teachers at RCA instruct through the lens of scripture and provide our students with a strong biblical foundation through Bible classes, worship classes, chapel and spiritual-emphasis events. Students also learn the value of serving others through global and local missions and social justice opportunities.

We celebrate God’s goodness over the past 40 years and look forward to His continued blessing for the next 40. Check us out online at or come for a tour of our campus and see if RCA would be a good fit for your family.




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