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Family Fun Spotlight

Have fun together as a family this summer. Below are many suggestions of things to do over the summer.

There are also a number of ticket contests to enter.


Thunderbird Show Park – enter to win tickets
Chilliwack River Rafting – enter to win tickets
Urban Safari Rescue Society – enter to win tickets
Kilby Museum & Campground
Mennonite Heritage Museum
Victoria Bug Zoo
BC Farm Museum


and don’t forget the opportunities for Summer Camp for your kids!

Camp Luther
Camp Squeah
Camp Qwanoes


What do you and your family like to do over the summer? Tell us about the fun places you and your family hang out during the summer. We will share your fun adventure with our readers and enter your name to win a family day out.

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Thunderbird Show Park is fun for the whole family

World class equestrian show jumping and family fun are just hoof-steps away

By Marina Callahan

When you hear the term ‘Thunderbird’, Ford’s classic model car might come to mind. At Thunderbird Show Park in Langley, it’s God’s model that is on display; the horse.
Thunderbird (or “tbird” as it’s known in the community) is one of North America’s premier equestrian show jumping facilities and hosts nine weeks of world class equestrian jumping over the summer.

The first international competition of the year kicks off on May 29 with the Odlum Brown BC Open. Featuring jumps set up to 1.60 meters, and Olympic height, sends horses soaring through the air in an awe-inspiring spectacle of grace and athleticism.

The final and largest event of the tournament, The Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup™ Canada takes place on Sunday June 2, bringing with it the oldest and most prestigious team competition in equestrian jumping; which is typically an individual sport.

With a coveted ticket to the global series Final in Barcelona on the line, the pressure is on as teams from Canada, Mexico, Ireland and USA face off in their last chance to qualify.
Along with the nail-biting excitement in the Grand Prix Field, Thunderbird offers a multitude of family friendly activities for spectators to enjoy. When you’re not cheering on the competitors, you will find pony rides, face painting, horses walking around everywhere and a fun playground where kids can get their bucks out too.

To fill hungry bellies there are two permanent restaurants and multiple food trucks on site. Live bands, shopping and adult beverages complete the tbird experience.
Rainclouds won’t derail your day out, with both covered and uncovered bleacher seating available, you can say “…to the rain shower, ‘be a mighty downpour’.” (Job 37:6). Truth be told, some of the most exciting rounds happen in the rain!

Sunday’s events start at 1 pm but spectators are invited to come early to avoid the lines and to enjoy the festivities with the whole family.
Use promo code [LIGHT] for FREE parking and FREE general admission passes.

For tickets or more information please visit

WIN two seats at a private table in the timberframe VIP area, which is fully catered etc, for The Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup Canada on June 2.
This includes free parking.
Total Value is approximately $1000
enter at
TBIRD in the subject line.







Families welcome at Chilliwack River Rafting

“My sister and I grew up next to the Chilliwack River and we were both rafting before we could walk. We first learned about whitewater from our dad, Russ Brown, who has been canoeing, kayaking and rafting on the Chilliwack River for over 35 years. Our parents established Chilliwack River Rafting in 1995 and now the whole family works together to give our thousands of annual guests the best BC rafting experience we can. I’ve paddled all over and the Chilliwack River is still my favourite river.

The diversity of the river’s sections means that we can customize the adventure to each group, whether it’s aggressive swim-team teenagers or younger children. I think that the quality of close-to-home rafting surprises a lot of our guests. Our riverside raft ranch is only 15 minutes from Cultus Lake and about an hour from Vancouver! I feel so lucky to spend every summer rafting in the beautiful Cascade mountain range and meeting amazing people from nearby and around the world. Hope to see you on the river!” -Sarah Brown

Hear what our customers are saying: “Everybody should do this! This is the best white water rafting trip I’ve been on! Great value for money, Amazing guides, fun river and great atmosphere. I really feel like we were so well taken care of and we weren’t just a $$ sign… …We all ended the trip getting exactly what we wanted! I now have 2 teenagers that can’t wait to go again. Thanks Sarah (our guide) for an awesome trip!” – Dani on July 23, 2018

WIN one of five passes for a day on the river,
includes lunch, river adventure and
day use of 5 acre riverside property.
Enter at
Chilliwack River Raft in the subject line.








Urban Safari Rescue Society

Urban Safari Rescue Society is dedicated to the rescue of unwanted exotic animals of all kinds.

Urban Safari currently cares for 350 unwanted exotic animals that were former pets. They do not recommend people get exotic animals as pets. These animals often require more advanced care than dogs or cats and often have longer life spans than most people realize. Urban Safari also offers a variety of opportunities for children and the public to learn about animals and the natural world. They are open to the public, so you can bring the family in for an afternoon of discovery and learning about animals at the facility from their knowledgeable staff. Urban Safari also has summer camps, Nature Club, and Junior Zoo Keeping for teens.

They will also come to your birthday party, school or event and do an hour long presentation. They bring 15 to 17 animals ranging from tarantulas, reptiles, amphibians and small mammals and teach everyone about animals and the animal world. You can find more information about this unique organization on their website

Enter to win a family pass to Urban Safari Rescue Society
1395 176 St., Surrey.
Send your entry to
Random Draw’s, June 10, July 10 & August 10








Kilby Museum & Campground

At Kilby Historic Site, you will be pleasantly surprised with the preservation of the only remaining buildings of a once-thriving mill town from the turn of the last century. Costumed interpreters encourage you to step back in time as you relive history during your visit. Whether you are visiting the shopkeeper in the general store, or having a conversation with the farmhand, you will experience first-hand just how life was in the 1920s in rural British Columbia.

Reflect back on a time you lived through, reminiscing of days gone by; or learn of a lifestyle that is hard to comprehend in today’s fast-paced age of technology and computers. The past comes alive in the common household objects we now call artifacts. Entering the General Store or petting our many farm animals will connect you to the past and let you embrace the pioneering spirit we strive to convey.

Kilby Historic Site & Campground is located in Harrison Mills, just 90 minutes east from the hustle and bustle of Greater Vancouver.

Museum is open 11 am to 4 pm, Thursday to Monday; June 27 – Sept 2;

Open Daily; Sept 5 – Oct 27,

Thursday to Monday; Oct 31 – Dec 22, Thursday to Sunday.

The Café and gift shop are open same dates 11 am to 5 pm.









Mennonite Heritage Museum

The Mennonite story is one of an enduring Christian faith throughout an often tumultuous history. The Mennonite sojourn from The Netherlands to Poland/Prussia, and then to Russia is one of joy, sorrow, and turmoil. Persecution, exile, and martyrdom failed to extinguish the hope and perseverance that Mennonites have shown throughout their history. Settlement in Canada and, in particular, the Fraser Valley, has allowed the Mennonite story to take root and flourish. Today, British Columbia is home to approximately 175 Mennonite congregations.

The Museum’s permanent exhibit hall illustrates the story of the Mennonites spanning 500 years, beginning with the Anabaptists of the 16th century. Relive the often tumultuous story from Zurich in Switzerland to the Netherlands, across northern Europe to Poland/Prussia, then Russia, and finally, to Canada.

Display panels, digital slide shows, and video interviews draw you into the lives of ordinary men and women whose faith in Jesus Christ and desire to live out his life and teachings often put them at odds with both state and church officials.

In July and August the Museum will repeat its summer matinee film program, featuring a number of films for your viewing pleasure. For a detailed schedule of films, please see our website. This summer, the Museum Gallery will feature an extensive display of beautiful quilts on loan from MCC. Again, consult the Museum website for exhibit details.
The Mennonite Heritage Museum is located on Clearbrook Road just south of the Trans-Canada Highway. Take Exit 87 and proceed south on Clearbrook Road past the large raspberry sculpture in the Clearbrook Interchange roundabout. The museum is located on the east side of Clearbrook Road.

Open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday to Friday and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday; closed on holiday weekends.












Victoria Bug Zoo

The Victoria Bug Zoo opened its doors in 1997 and has been showing visitors of downtown Victoria our awe-inspiring bugs ever since. A visit to this must-see mini zoo offers an excellent opportunity to view and experience live tropical bugs from around the world. All the animals are alive and in tanks.

Discover roughly 50 fascinating species including giant walking sticks, beautiful praying mantis, glow-in-the-dark scorpions, hairy tarantulas, and an incredible ant colony.

Knowledgeable tour guides will introduce you to the wonderful world of bugs, give a wealth of information about the animals on display, and provide a safe bug handling experience for the more adventurous. No need to be shy, none of our critters are going to hurt you! Tours are always in progress so no matter when you come, you are always on time, but make sure you plan for at least an hour in the zoo.










BC Farm Museum

A fun place to visit for young and old alike. Be sure to drop by and say hi to our many volunteers and see for yourself how pioneers lived and worked the land. See the transition from horse to tractor and carriage to car. Witness the hand milking of cows to the making of cream and butter. See how hand tools have changed very little over time. The BC Farm Museum was opened in 1966 and over the years has evolved into a total pioneer life collection. The museum association owns and operates over 20,000 square feet of exhibit space for over 5,000 artifacts of historic farming machinery and pioneer life.

A visit to BC Farm Museum is always a fun and informative experience! We are located at 9131 King Street, Fort Langley, BC.










Camp Luther

The power of the high five
We know the feeling. The butterflies driving down the road to camp, the fingers pressed up against the window looking out to see the lake, or the sweaty palms clenched tightly as they leave their parents for their first time at Summer Camp.

Whether this is the first or fourth time going to camp, we want every camper to experience real relationships and real love that will follow them home into real life. Every detail is thought out, articulated and dreamt up to create a place that is safe, fun and full of God’s love – down to every single High Five.

Personally, I didn’t learn how to high-five until a few years ago. You see, a High-Five is so much more than a simple gesture. It is a rapid way of communicating to a person that they are important, loved and welcomed. Something happens when you high-five another person. Endorphins are released, trust is formed and memories are made. We here at Camp Luther believe in the power of the high-five and our desire is that each camper feels like Camp Luther is their personal home away from home.

Our staff are some of the best and take every opportunity to make an impact in a camper’s life. Through chapels, time at the waterfront, team-bonding games, hilarious songs, adventurous archery, campfires and so much more – your camper will experience life in a truly unforgettable way.

The Power of the High-Five knows no barriers. We are dedicated to sharing the love of Jesus through every single high-five we make this summer.










Camp Squeah

As I sit at my desk and write, I see snow falling outside my window. The beautiful and dramatic change that a drop of water goes through is fascinating! So much of our world changes so fast! Not all of it is as beautiful as a snowflake (and even snowflakes can cause us anxiety!).

Relationships are built or damaged and built again. Trees grow, die and are paved over to make room for industrial land zones. What many once thought to be the values of society are changing rapidly. How do we bear the transitions we face daily, weekly, annually in life? How does one respond to change – especially change that causes stress!

In the Christian community, we believe that handling the difficulties of life’s relentless change is most effectively born in the arms of a loving Christ-centered family. Perhaps the greatest fallacy of our current age is the idea that we can conquer all of life’s troubles on our own. And I think we’re paying for it in anxiety, confusion, lack of purpose and a dearth of understanding our personal and communal identity. At camp we find identity together in the beauty of a community that has been reconciled to Jesus – and in such a community, anxiety is reduced, confusion is abated, purpose is found and identity is confirmed in Christ! What an answer in a world of change!











Camp Qwanoes

An almost unparalleled opportunity

While offering kids the time of their lives and a chance to escape from the everyday, Christian camps are playing a crucial role in Christian ministry in Canada, especially to the younger generation.

Just over 4,000 campers and staff from around the world came to Camp Qwanoes last summer. As campers enjoyed incredible fun trying activities like zipping over the ocean or bouncing on a water trampoline or working with new friends to break out of the Escape Room, they also encountered the truth that they matter and are loved more than they can understand.

At camp, kids have an almost unparalleled opportunity to experience life change and to gain hope. A 2018 report called Renegotiating Faith: The Delay in Young Adult Identity Formation and What It Means for the Church in Canada, clearly shows the positive impact of being a camper or staff member on faith formation. Those who had been campers or staff at Christian camps were much more likely to attend church at least weekly and stay integrated with Christian communities as young adults than those who had not attended camp.

John ImBeau of Awana Canada and long-time Qwanoes speaker said, “God is changing the world through Qwanoes. Camps are one of the few places left where a child is given the opportunity for a complete transformation… It is the most vital ministry in church today.”

A camper shared that because of the staff at camp, “I’ve found my voice with God and Jesus and ever since I’ve found a really awesome church… I have so many friends… You’ve given me a lifetime of a Saviour and love by the King himself and his son Jesus.”

If you’re looking for a way to be part of what God is doing in Canada to reach the younger generation, there’s a place for you at camp. The potential is amazing. Your own life will likely be changed forever. A staff member said, “(Camp) changes our lives… a lot of people leave… with a new meaning and love for God and life – which is the most amazing thing about camp.”

by Julie Bayley, Qwanoes’ Associate Program Director




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