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Les Miserables at Xtreme Theatre

Les Miserables at Xtreme Theatre

by Brianna Deutsch


How does one walk the fine line of grace while living in a broken and perverse world? It’s a poignant theme that most, if not all of us, struggle with daily. It’s the struggle between the law and grace. It can challenge the most self-righteous of us. Yet, it’s a holy, tenacious wrestle that needs to be had.

Les Miserables, a novel and later musical and film, written by Victor Hugo, takes on this theme, intertwining a variety of heart-wrenching storylines that speak on inequality and the power of forgiveness during the early 19th century in France.

This May 15-18, Xtreme Theatre’s senior cast is taking to the stage with the highly acclaimed musical at The ACT Arts Centre.

This year’s choice of production differs from previous years for it focuses on larger rousing dance numbers, big sets, and fancy costumes. Lalainia Lindbjerg Strelau, Xtreme Theatre’s Artistic Director elaborates, “the older students were hungry to do something with more meaning, more depth. It doesn’t get much deeper than Les Miserables! Les Miserables is the only musical written that unabashedly puts forward the themes laid out by Jesus in the gospel.”

This year’s setting and costumes also have a distinct difference compared to previous years, says Strelau, “the setting is open, made of weathered wood, crates, and pallets. It is multi-leveled and will move and rotate into more than eight or nine configurations, creating all of the different locations that we need. As for costumes, we are aiming to look as authentic as possible, putting an emphasis on the symbolic colours of the French Revolution: red, blue and white.”

Xtreme Theatres adaption of Les Miserables will be captivating, allowing its audience to enter into the major themes that are applicable to today, while wrestling with their own concepts of law and grace. And that is what theatre should do — entice, intrigue and allow the audience to journey with the characters of the story. And this year, Xtreme will allow the viewer to do just that.

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