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Higher Education Spotlight - September 2019

Higher Education Spotlight – September 2019

Millar College of the Bible
Columbia Bible College
Capernwray Harbour Bible School
Regent College – Theology that expands the soul










Regent College – Theology that expands the soul

An interviewer once asked J.I. Packer why so many people today find theology boring.  Some theologians wait their whole life for this kind of juicy opportunity. All Dr. Packer had to do was draw and take aim at some easy targets. He could denounce the secularization of our churches, our culture of instant gratification, or many other (legitimate) scapegoats.
Instead, he did the opposite. He shifted the weight onto people who teach theology—people like himself.

“Too often theology has been taught in a rigidly defensive way: ‘This stuff you are to believe and share; these are the errors you are to recognize and reject.’ … Such an approach shrinks the soul.Focusing on the greatness of God, though, enlarges the soul. Paradoxically, it makes you a greater person by making you a smaller person. It makes you humble. It lowers you in your own estimate.”

Correct doctrine is vital: few believe that more passionately than Dr. Packer. But teaching theology is about more than just filling students’ heads with the right ideas. It’s about bringing them into God’s presence and giving them the opportunity to be awed and inspired by their creator.

Our great desire for our students at Regent College is not just that they will learn about God, but that they will encounter God with their whole beings. That kind of theology is the most exciting thing we could teach––because it’s the most exciting thing we will ever do.








Capernwray Harbour Bible School

Nestled among the Gulf Islands of British Columbia’s west coast, Capernwray Harbour Bible Centre on Thetis Island offers students and guests a unique learning experience!
From September through to May, Capernwray Harbour runs a One Year Bible School programme where sound, practical Bible teaching focusing on both the Old and New Testament scriptures in which God reveals the indwelling, resurrected Christ as the Christian Life is given. Students gain an experiential knowledge of Christ and how His presence practically applies to daily living.

Through classroom studies, tutorial, dialogue-based small group studies, and summary journals, students have opportunities to share from the written Word what God is teaching them & how He is working in their lives. Many outreach opportunities located in surrounding communities and cities are available for students to participate in as well as international, short-term missions trips.

Capernwray Harbour welcomes people of all denominational backgrounds and nationalities. The student body of approximately 100 students joins the full-time staff to create a community intent on knowing Jesus Christ as LIFE. The desire of every staff member at Capernwray Harbour is to prepare each student for “full time Christian service, regardless of occupation”.

During the summer months, Capernwray Harbour makes its facilities available for various groups as a full-service venue to hold their conference or retreat. In addition, Capernwray Harbour hosts Ladies’ & Mens’ Conference Weekends, Family Holiday Bible Weeks as well as youth weekends where men, women, youth & children can be encouraged in their walk with the Lord Jesus amidst an island, holiday setting.

Capernwray Harbour proclaiming Jesus Christ as Life!










Millar College of the Bible

Millar College of the Bible exists to develop passionate, relevant servants of Jesus Christ who are shaped by the entire Scriptures.

Millar’s desire is to see people have their entire lives changed by God through His Word. By teaching Life Skills, Relationships, Character Development, and Bible Knowledge, we hope to see the whole person changed to become more like Jesus.

Our main program at Millar encompasses teaching all 66 books of the Bible. Alongside teaching through the Old and New Testaments, this program includes Church History, Theology, Apologetics, Missions, Evangelism, and more.

We believe that education reaches so much further than the classroom. At Millar, we seek to have our students grow in Christ-centred community. All of our students are paired with a mentor who intentionally walks alongside them throughout the year. Also, each student lives in dorm and is part of a Hall or Community Life Group that meets together weekly.

Millar has two beautiful campuses in Western Canada. One is in Pambrun, Saskatchewan, and one is in Tappen, BC at Sunnybrae Bible Camp. Our Pambrun Campus offers many opportunities in the areas of sports, fine arts, and biblical languages. Our Sunnybrae Campus offers sports, worship arts, and Outdoor Edge, an elective involving hiking, canoe trips, and rock climbing.

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Columbia Bible College

Should you go to Bible College? (Wait. Do You Know What Bible College Is?)

Bible college, Bible school, DTS programs, Christian university… so many options! What are the differences? To help you figure that out, here are the six ingredients of a Bible college education.

Number 1: Bible college has a strong focus on the Bible. A large number of your classes will explore the Scriptures. This is different from many Christian universities, which require a smaller number of Bible courses.

Number two: Bible college focuses on discipleship, on letting Christ shape every part of who you are. Hands-on learning, spiritual growth, and mentoring are just as important as developing your knowledge.

Third: Bible college is a college. Expect lectures, essays, and exams. These are accredited classes, which allows many course credits to transfer to other institutions.
Fourth: Bible college is a caring, Christ-centered community. Prayer, encouragement, worship, spiritual conversations – these are all part of the every-day culture at a Bible college.

Fifth: Bible college is not only about the Bible. Students at Bible college will also take courses in history, literature, psychology, business, leadership, and more. Bible colleges believe that the world needs leaders who can confidently integrate their faith with the challenges of today.

Finally, Bible college gives you flexible program options. Universities mainly focus on four-year Bachelor degrees, while Bible colleges are more likely to offer a range: one-year certificates, two-year diplomas, and four-year degrees.

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