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Election 2019: Balancing our faith with our election duty

Election 2019: Balancing our faith with our election duty

by Frank King


The National Post headline shouted, “On the R-Word and the Campaign: how religion has become the sleeper issue of the 2019 election”.

The article referenced how federal party leaders approach faith issues, made a point of stating that Green Party leader Elizabeth May said her “personal hero” is Jesus Christ and mentioned how, on a national scale, “religion drowns as a political issue.”

In other words, the writer was assigned the topic, then tossed every little thing into the story in order to fill out the required word count.

As far as I can see, religion is absolutely not an election issue. Certain subjects that can be tied to religion sometimes come up (especially when it comes to abortion), but that’s about it.

Still, as Christ followers, what are we to do, think, and pray about as voting day (Oct. 21) approaches?

Most of us know that God calls us to pray for our leaders (see 1 Timothy 2:1-2). Beyond that, Christians often avoid involvement in politics. Not a good idea; while the Lord reminds us that this broken world can warp us (Romans 12:2, 1 John 2:15, James 4:4), that doesn’t mean we should withdraw.

Indeed, it’s easy to see how our withdrawal from the political arena has given free reign to those who oppose God’s unchanging truth.

The challenge is to participate with maturity and thoughtfulness, ever mindful that those who denigrate us or our beliefs are loved by God and are offered the same life-changing gift that we claim: salvation, starting here and now, through faith in Christ.

Have I stumbled on this path? Absolutely. But those stumbles should not stop me from participating in the process, no matter how much I might be disgusted by something a politician does or says. Yes, many of them display nauseating hypocrisy; but aren’t I guilty of the same thing? The only difference is my hypocrisy isn’t splashed on social media (phew!).

So the real sleeper issue for us is balancing our beliefs, our allegiance to “the Word [who] became flesh and dwelt among us” (John 1:14) with our duties as Canadians. It’s time to get on our knees and pray for direction, for love, for humility and for wisdom.


All the views expressed by Frank King are his own and do not reflect on his role as manager of media relations for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association of Canada and Samaritan’s Purse Canada.

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