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Everyday Faith: Are you going in the wrong direction?

Everyday Faith: Are you going in the wrong direction?

by Simon Gibson


A few days ago, I arrived home after work and parked my car in our driveway because I would later be leaving to attend an evening meeting. I entered through the empty garage and saw that the floor was still wet from our cars after a week of rainy weather.

At the rear of the garage – by the back door entrance to the house – I noticed something moving in a small pool. It was a tiny worm, hardly bigger than a piece of string, wriggling, no doubt looking for some soil, but in vain.

It was surprising, really: the worm had successfully travelled 20 feet across the wet concrete, not including the driveway.

But – the worm was going in the wrong direction. It had left its home in our yard and followed a path of doom – the water would dry up, and so would the worm.

The worm, of course, is a creature of instinct, of pure impulse; it did not contemplate the danger of its travels.

In a similar way, however, we can sometimes set a course for our lives that eventually can lead to destruction.

Take a drug addict, for example. I’m sure he or she would never have imagined the dependence that would have resulted after only a few injections or tastes.

The alcoholic, no doubt, would also not have expected to become so reliant on a product which would eventually become all-consuming. I am sure the person addicted to drugs or alcohol – or anything else, for that matter – would agree that they started out by going in the wrong direction.

In fact, such a person may even be able to identify the very moment they gave in and released their independence and even their pride to a consuming addiction.

Someone once said that a thought leads to an action, an action leads to a habit, and a habit leads to character, and a character leads to a destiny. And it all started with just one little thought!

Going in the wrong direction is troubling often because we must acknowledge it. Perhaps as you are reading this, you are aware that you are going in the wrong direction.
You’ve followed a particular course of action and now you feel confused, even trapped – you don’t know where to turn!

It might even be a relationship that never seemed quite right to begin with, but you hoped somehow it would work out, but instead it became toxic and miserable.

The Bible speaks about this when it says: “Therefore, my brothers, I want you to know that through Jesus the forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you.”

In other words, our sins – all the poor choices, the foolish things we have done – are forgiven because of Christ. The most familiar verse in the Bible is a great encouragement: “For God so loved the world that he gave his only son that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

God sent Christ – who was perfect – to suffer and die on a cross in your place – and he rose again from the dead!

As you are thinking about your life, you may be reflecting on how you are travelling on a bewildering and deadly path.

Today would be the perfect time to call out to God through Christ and tell him you want to change and start fresh!

Why not do it now? Reach out to God, your Creator, and begin moving in a positive and meaningful direction.

And, if you guessed I saved that little worm – you’re right: I carefully picked him up and placed him on a patch of damp earth into which he soon disappeared.

Simon Gibson is the MLA for the Abbotsford-Mission and previously served on Abbotsford Council. He was an instructor/professor at Trinity Western University and UFV where he taught in the departments of communication and business. He is married to Joy and they have two adult daughters and three grandchildren. They attend Mountain Park Community Church in Abbotsford.

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