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Camp Spotlight – Spring 2020

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Camp Luther

The Power of the High Five
We know the feeling. The butterflies driving down the road to camp, the fingers pressed up against the window looking out to see the lake, or the sweaty palms clenched tightly as they leave their parents for their first time at Summer Camp.

Whether this is the first or fourth time going to camp, we want every camper to experience real relationships and real love that will follow them home into real life. Every detail is thought out, articulated and dreamt up to create a place that is safe, fun and full of God’s love – down to every single High-Five.


Personally, I didn’t learn how to high-five until I started working at camp. You see, A High-Five is so much more than a simple gesture. It is a rapid way of communicating to a person that they are important, loved and welcomed.

Something happens when you high-five another person. Endorphins are released, trust is formed and memories are made. We here at Camp Luther believe in the power of the high-five and our desire is that each camper feels like Camp Luther is their personal home away from home.

Our staff are some of the best and take every opportunity to make an impact in a camper’s life. Through chapels, time at the waterfront, team-bonding games, hilarious songs, adventurous archery, campfires and so much more – your camper will experience life in a truly unforgettable way.

The Power of the High-Five knows no barriers. We are dedicated to sharing the love of Jesus through every single high-five we make this summer.

Join us as we celebrate our 70th year in Camp Ministry!










Camp Qwanoes

The best thing you could do with your summer

Each summer in Canada, Christian camps are providing an unparalleled opportunity for life-changing impact in the lives of children, high school students, and young adults.

Just over 4,200 campers visited Camp Qwanoes on Vancouver Island last summer. At camp, kids had the chance to experience thrilling adventures like stepping out on the Sky Station high in the trees or wakeboarding behind a boat or flying through the air on a giant swing with two new friends. While having the time of their lives, kids discovered that they are loved unconditionally and they gained hope and a vision for their lives.

In the midst of the excitement of summer camp, Christian camps are providing leadership training to hundreds and hundreds of high school students and young adults. The high school years can be very difficult for Christian youth to navigate successfully, in a society that has turned far away from God. Leadership programs at camps are meeting a vital need in the lives of youth, helping them choose to stick with their faith and be able to withstand the many pressures they face.

In 2019, over 140 students took part in three different summer leadership programs at Camp Qwanoes. Since the Counselor-In-Training (CIT) program began in 1983, approximately 2,400 high school students and young adults have been trained and discipled in leadership programs at the camp.

In camp leadership programs, students grow personally and spiritually, develop positive friendships, and acquire valuable skills in leadership and ministry. Camps provide an ideal environment for valuable mentoring relationships to be established. The report Renegotiating Faith: The Delay in Young Adult Identity Formation and What It Means for the Church in Canada, published in 2018, notes that “with mentors, mentees grow up more quickly and are more likely to embrace faith.”

In the words of a Qwanoes leadership program participant, “Spending a part or all of your summer in a camp leadership training program is the best thing you could do with your summer. From the friends you make, to the hands on training, and the close encouraging relationships you build with your mentors; it builds practical life skills in communication, leading by example, comradeship, excellence, and service.”

Find out more about summer camp and leadership program opportunities at

~ Written by Julie Bayley, Qwanoes’ Associate Director










Camp Squeah

Trust is such a prized commodity. It is not given quickly or freely by many. This dynamic interaction and the tension it causes happens a great deal in children’s camp … and why shouldn’t it? It involves our most precious ones: our children.

I meet a variety of parents as they drive on the camp property and often the dialogue consists of conversations about trust. ‘How will I know my child will be safe?’ ‘Is the counsellor well trained to look after my child?’ ‘What do the campers do through the week?’ The cultural understanding of the benefits of children’s camp are not always known and should not be assumed. There are many who are afraid, concerned or simply do not know what will happen to their children when sending them for a week of camp. We wish to alleviate these worries and build trust through relationship with families.

In the camping ministry, we are doing our very best to be informative, transparent and responsible about all our practices. We are a people who desire to provide an unforgettable camping experience for children. To ensure best safety practices, for instance, we are accredited by the British Columbia Camping Association.

We believe that camp provides space for children to discover themselves in a safe and loving environment and that this helps them become confident, mature and fun-loving people. We encourage you, as an interested parent, to take the initiative and get to know us. Come and visit; give us a call. We are a great bunch of people who love children and do so in a unique and fantastic way: camp!







Stillwood Camp

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”
Matt 5:14-16

Summer camps are amazing places, full of fun, new experiences and relationships that last a lifetime. Most amazing is the opportunity to share the gospel with so many during their week at camp. Here at Stillwood, we are so passionate about working within this amazing ministry because we not only have the opportunity to help young people grow physically and mentally, but spiritually as well.

At Stillwood, we make a significant effort to ensure that your child’s week of summer camp is the very best week of their summer. Stillwood boasts an incredible location overlooking the picturesque Cultus Lake. We use our location to engage our campers with a variety of outdoor activities such as water sports, sky high ropes adventures, wide games, laser tag, and so much more.

Our theme in 2020 is SHINE BRIGHT. We know that every person is a shining light in God’s vast kingdom. Our goal this summer is to teach everyone who passes through our gates how to shine as bright as possible.
We very much hope that you will send your child to experience a wonderful week of camp full of new friendships, fun and adventure. But even more than an amazing week of camp, we hope to see your child attend a summer camp this year because we believe in the amazing life changing power of our ministries.

To learn more about our programs and to register for this summer’s camps, go to











TWU Summer Camps

Trinity Western Camps are back again for another year, with more fun than ever. Kids can jump into day camps in a positive, fun Christian environment. The fun includes the popular Spartan Complete Champion Camps for those interested in soccer, volleyball, basketball, rugby or track and field camps.

We also offer our popular Multi-Sport and Adventure Camps. Join us at Art Camp where your week will be an exciting mix of art, dance and theatre. For those looking to do a little bit of everything and have a ton of fun, FunZone is the camp for you! Want to test your mettle in the wilderness? Go on a canoe trip!

We also have our unique University Camp which has been re-designed for a fuller, richer university experience for those looking to experience a day in the life of a Trinity Western student.

To sign-up, please visit or email





Ukrainian Children’s Fund

Our UCCF co-workers in Ukraine are praying and preparing for another busy summer, running Junior Camp on the Azov Sea, Teen Camp by a lovely river in the Poltava region, DVBS in the villages, and supporting Foster Family Camp. Our camp Director wrote recently: “It is so impressive what God is doing here. Every time I see a teenager’s life change, I know I am witnessing a miracle!” After ‘Ruslana’ came to faith in Christ, she wrote – “I am so glad my counsellor helped me invite our great God into my life – this God who will guide us through our lives. I am so thankful for the camp and the opportunity to be changed…”

We make it possible for many children who live in difficult home situations to come to camp; they have little love in their lives and no one to pray for them.

Please join with us in prayer for children of Ukraine!



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