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Left with no choice!

by Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson


Well…it’s another unexpected chapter as I am now facing possible criminal contempt charges for refusing to be silent as activist teachers, doctors, lawyers and judges are transitioning and sterilizing a 14 (now 15) year old girl without parental consent. If you’ve been following my journey on Facebook or YouTube, you will know that it’s been a rather harrowing ride.

We knew that SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity) would have victims and we knew these deceptive resources were making public schools a dangerous place to have our children. Young minds are vulnerable and innocent. If you tell them something ridiculous like Santa Claus comes down the chimney and delivers presents, they will believe you. Jesus knew these young minds were so precious and so malleable that we needed to become like them, in their virtuousness and purity, so that we could, by simple faith, enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

That gift of innocence in a child is what we are called to protect and never abuse, or it would be better for us to have a millstone tied around our neck and be thrown into the depths of the ocean. However, that is not the motto of the psychologist in Vancouver who relishes his gay activism and brags on the number of children he is transitioning and how young they are: 4 years-old.

A father’s heart is broken and he has been the only family member to fight till it drew blood from his soul, against every parent’s personal nightmare: a child suddenly telling you they want to switch up their sex for the opposite one of what God gave them. Years ago, we would have said, “Don’t be silly, eat your Wheaties.” Growing up, most of us didn’t know anyone who wanted to be transgender or a transvestite, as we might have said. Now, in each and every school, there are children wanting to swap out their private parts for the opposite ones – because the schools are telling them they can. A social contagion is sweeping the entire world as referrals to gender clinics have risen 4,200 percent globally.

The young, beautiful girl at the heart of this story cannot get a tattoo by law, or drive a car, or get married, as she is much too young for all of these decisions, yet she can decide to alter her body’s sex organs after seeing a video in grade 6 that told her she could be a boy. That very day, she cut her hair and the seeds of transgenderism took root.

In time, the activist psychologist told the father that his daughter’s crushes on male teachers could be explained by her being gay. Yes, GASP, he really said that. So, it wasn’t that she had normal heterosexual feelings, it’s that she’s actually a gay boy having sexual attraction for men. Wrap your head around this insanity and you’ll feel your blood pressure rising.

One referral to BC Children’s hospital to one endocrinologist, after one visit, this one girl was offered testosterone. The mother was shocked and called the dad, from whom she was separated, and he told them to get out of there. They left the hospital at the father’s urgent request without succumbing to the drugs. The dad went to court to have this stopped, even as the mom kept talking to activist doctors who spoke of potential suicide if their daughter didn’t get the “help” she needed. Eventually, the courts ordered the pharmaceutical cocktail to be administered to the horror of a father’s dreams to see his girl grow up, fall in love, get married and have children. All of this was destroyed by a society that doesn’t care about parental rights, but rather political correctness in a world taken over by gender pride thumpers.

The dad was told by an activist judge to call his daughter a boy and use the correct pronouns and new name or he would be guilty of “family violence”. He was told to shut up at all costs. If he did not remain silent on these details “publicly and privately”, he would be subject to “arrest without warrant.” A publication ban was imposed stating that there would be no public mention of the names of the key people, including doctors, involved.

When the father decided he had no other choice, but to defy the court orders and tell his tragic story so that others would be warned, I also decided it was time to speak out on this matter of national, public importance. We now face the potential of 35 to 40 days in jail for telling the truth of what they are doing to our children. It is a privilege and honour to stand against the whole land and defy the absurdity of this assault on the identity of our children. Please pray for me as the good Lord leads you to do so.

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