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Supporting refugees on their journey

Supporting refugees on their journey

In the midst of this Covid crisis, Journey Home in Vancouver welcomed five new families who had arrived prior to the restrictions.

A young family from an African country on the Gulf of Guinea, arrived with a baby girl in their arms and a young daughter by their side. Prior to being referred to Journey Home, they were homeless and had been in two shelters. Now settled into a transitional apartment supplied by a housing partner.

A single mom with three children arrived from the same African region. Relieved to have found a safe place for her family. She knows that she will receive help in her settlement process and in finding safe and affordable permanent housing.

A mom and dad with a preteen girl from another part of Africa used up all their savings just to get here. Left destitute, they ended up in a couple of shelters before being helped.

A family of six from South Asia went straight from self-isolation to permanent market rental housing, a rare outcome in our difficult housing market. They can now focus on obtaining ID, medical coverage and income.

A single mom from southeastern Europe speaking almost no English, arrived with her four children. After self-isolating in a hotel provided by the Red Cross, Journey Home is connecting her with her own ethnic community.

Journey Home’s settlement team is connecting virtually or by phone with 45 refugee families regularly.



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