I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like trying to live in Yemen. The country has been torn apart by war for years. Hospitals, schools and other important places have been destroyed. The infrastructure is in a shambles. Poverty, hunger and disease such as cholera are the order of the day. Tens of thousands have died as a result of these or been killed by the never ending war. Now they are being hit with Covid-19. One cannot help but wonder – can it get any worse than this ? If you’re a Christian, the answer is “Yes”. On top of all the aforementioned, you can get persecuted.

Christians living in Yemen request prayer as they experience persecution amidst ongoing war, food shortages, and COVID-19. These challenges have created a significant burden of isolation, both spiritually and physically. The Christian population, which once numbered approximately 40,000, is reduced to only a few thousand. Most live unaware of each other’s existence and in great fear of discovery from their neighbors.

The impact of COVID-19 arrived late in Yemen, compared to the rest of the region. The country is embroiled within a civil war that has left it split between two governments and conflicting international actors. On the one hand, such an environment has led to persecution that keeps the church underground. On the other hand, after so many years of hardship, many Yemenis are spiritually hungry for answers. Many pastors working in Yemen report an openness for the Gospel message that encourages them for the future of the church.


Christian Service Brigade

In Matthew, Jesus commands us to “make disciples of all nations” and that includes the boys and young men in your community. His calling however doesn’t include “when we have COVID figured out.” So how do we as Christians follow Christ in building future generations when we have rules and protocols to be heeded? First, we obey the guidelines provided by our government authorities, church leadership, insurers, and parents.

Second, we work together to figure out what can be done in person and what must be done virtually at a distance. Building Christ-centred boys and young men isn’t all that complicated even under COVID. CSB is partnering with our churches and groups to develop a comprehensive list of options through which you can build the next generations for Christ. Under COVID, we will find better ways to bring others to our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Check out: for the details.


Lighthouse Harbour Ministries

Satisfying the Need

Despite virus-related shore leave restrictions for sailors, Lighthouse ship visitors are still able to visit ships in Vancouver and reach out to sailors. While Gospel work remains the priority for Lighthouse visitors, currently they are also active with other virus-inspired tasks.  An example of this is seen in the increased number of shopping trips being made on behalf of the mariners who cannot go ashore themselves. Purchases range from lap tops to potato chips!  Many crew show deep gratitude for the assistance and often communicate heartfelt thanks for Gospel material received.  The spiritual is being fed, not just the physical.  A third officer from Croatia recently expressed his gratitude for the service he received from Lighthouse and was touched by words of Scripture spoken to him by ship visitors.

“I am the Bread of Life.  He who comes to Me will never go hungry.” (John 6:35)        Please visit

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Alasdair Coats
Author: Alasdair Coats