By Lilianne Fuller

There are Christians who are politicians and there are politicians who are Christians. Because of restrictive nature of Party discipline, Christians often cannot bring their beliefs to Parliamentary debates. Often the issues their parties espouse are mandated by their caucuses, are secular in nature and seldom reflect Biblical ethics. This was one of the reasons the Christian Heritage Party was founded in 1987. Its founders had a vision of Canada being governed according to Christian values. The CHP holds the distinction of being the only Pro-Life Party in Canada.  In 1988, the Party ran numerous candidates in the federal election and others following that, and while none of its candidates were elected, the scope and reach of the Party was expanded.

In 2010, the Christian Heritage Party of British Columbia was created and its principles mirror those of the National Party.  According to their website, the Party’s objective is to restore and preserve Canada’s great heritage granted by our Creator, which is the foundation of the democratic system of government and to provide the people of British Columbia with a democratically elected government that is controlled by the citizens of British Columbia.

Rod Taylor is the leader of the Federal Christian Heritage Party. When the CHP-BC launched in 2010, his goal was to help the provincial wing get going and he had no intention of seeking an executive role. But during the 2013 Provincial Election, the leader’s chair was vacant, so Taylor agreed to serve as interim leader. He would serve in that role for seven years. In 2014, he sought and was given the role of National Leader of Federal Party. “The role of National leader is more than a full-time job and we started looking for the right person to take the reins of CHP-BC. That person was Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson,” he said.

In September 2020 at the Party’s AGM, popular television personality, Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson was acclaimed unanimously as the Party leader. “When I asked Laura-Lynn to consider putting her name forward to seek the leadership, it was because of my high regard for her faithfulness in exposing the cultural deterioration…the moral collapse of our society. She has brought a Christian perspective to the public discussion of SOGI and LGBTQ issues, the sanctity of life and issues around free speech and parental rights,” explained Taylor. When Tyler Thompson agreed to let her name stand, a leadership contest was added to the AGM’s agenda and little did the Party know, that just eight days after becoming leader, Tyler Thompson would be leading the Party into a provincial election.

Tyler Thompson will be running in the riding of Abbotsford South.  The main issue she sees in this election is the restoration of the integrity of the political sphere. “Canadians do not trust politicians. I will bring integrity, trust and character to this platform,” she said. Other issues of concern are gang violence, the widening of Highway # 1, and increasing assistance to farmers. However, if we do not restore the legitimacy to this office, we will fail to make progress,” she explained

“The voters of Abbotsford South have a great opportunity in 2020 to send Laura-Lynn to Victoria as the head of the only consistently pro-life, pro-family, pro-freedom Party in BC,” enthused Taylor.

The Candidate is highly involved in her community and has been prominent in a province-wide parental-rights movement opposing the SOGI-123 (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity) program introduced into all BC Schools, including religious and private schools.

              The Christian Heritage Party, while having run numerous candidates in both provincial and federal elections is often considered a ‘fringe Party’. Tyler Thompson disagrees and says that the time for CHP-BC has come. “The CHP has had 33 years of a trusted platform, albeit not having taken a seat yet. But our time has come. We have never seen the assault on our free speech, conscience, and Charter rights like we are experiencing. Our Party has a strong foundation and we are ready to stand for the people of British Columbia and Canada. We are fiscally, socially, and morally responsible. It’s time to take a chance on a Party not corrupted by the elites,” she elaborated.

Tyler Thompson is married to Jim whom she describes as the love of her life for 15 years. The couple have three grown children. For seven years the family took in high-risk youth who were often battling addiction. Tyler Thompson has volunteered at a local Recovery Home leading a group for four years. She is the host of Laura-Lynn and Friends and is a regular on the 700 Club television program. You can read her blogs at

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Lilianne Fuller
Author: Lilianne Fuller

Lilianne Fuller is a freelance writer who lives and works in Langley, BC. Semi-retired, her focus is on various human-interest stories for print and online media. Lilianne has lived in Langley for 39 years and has volunteered for many community organizations. Currently she is the Public Relations Chair for the Langley Field Naturalists. In her spare time Lilianne also coordinates the Nicomekl School Lunch Program. She is married and has two grandsons.