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The Ice Age: Only the Bible Can Explain it!

October 18 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Online Event
The Ice Age is a major mystery of mainstream Earth science, the difficulty of which is analyzed in the talk. The evidence indicates that the Ice Age occurred after the Flood, so the Flood must have caused a climate change right afterwards that resulted in a rapid Ice Age. Many details of the Ice Age have been worked out from over 45 years of research, such as that it was only about 700 years long, and that there was only one ice age, and that there will be no future ice age.

About the speaker:
Mike Oard earned his MS degree in Atmospheric Science from the University of Washington (UofW). He retired after 30 years as a professional meteorologist with the National Weather Service. He was a research meteorologist for 6 years at the UofW and has published several research articles in journals of the American Meteorological Association. He has been doing creation research in the earth sciences for over 35 years and is on the board of the Creation Research Society.


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