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20/02 Feb 2020

An unbroken line of faith …..part 2

by Dr. Dave Currie (Read Part 1 here) There are six biblical conditions that are central in transferring your faith […]

20/02 Feb 2020

Friendship – viewing Valentine’s Day through an alternate lens

by Marion Van Driel   It’s upon us once more – the day reserved for romantic lovers. Flowers, chocolates, cards […]

20/02 Feb 2020

Love late in life – Part one: The good

by Sharon Simpson   The internet has much to say about love, romance and dating for young people, business people, […]

20/01 Jan 2020

An unbroken line of faith – Part 1

by Dr. Dave Currie   Seventeen years ago, Canadian Hockey Legend, a true friend, and a man I so look […]

20/01 Jan 2020

Safe Families Canada: support for families in crisis

by Jenny Schweyer   Jen Francis was working in Costa Rica when she first learned about Safe Families, a faith-based […]

19/12 December 2019

The Power of a Full-On-Apology

by Dr. Dave Currie   To keep any relationship strong, it is as much about how well you forgive as […]

19/11 Nov 2019

How to porn-proof your family

by Dr. Dave Currie   I hope that what you read here scares you into action – seriously, I do. […]

19/10 Oct 2019

The Kite & The Blender: Approach extremes to stress and conflict

by Dr. Dave Currie   The kite and the blender. To be honest, I see a lot of this between […]

19/09 Sep 2019

Preventing your own divorce

The soft heart approach   by Dr. Dave Currie   “I have yet to see a marriage fall apart where […]

19/08 Aug 2019

Media Moderation: Analyzing your online world

by Dr. Dave Currie   Notifications nudge us every minute. Each beep, squawk, buzz and vibration on our device beckons […]