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is a monthly Christian lifestyle periodical available for pick-up in 800 churches and community locations throughout Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley.


We communicate encouraging stories of how God is active, impacting individuals, families, churches and communities. The good news is that lives are being changed.

We feature stories and encouraging articles related to everyday life, faith and community from a Christian perspective inspiring individuals and families and offering hope.

We also feature upcoming local Christian and family events, as well as featuring current Christian books and music.




If you are interested in writing for our publications, we favour:

  • Positive and encouraging perspective on a range of life issues (health – wellness & fitness, stress, relationships, marriage, parenting, divorce & remarriage, singleness, finances, balancing career and life, the building years, mid-life and seniors issues, cultural shifts, changing media and much more). These articles should provide helpful truths for life offering helpful related resources.
  • Profiles of Christian individuals who live out a personal Christian faith.
  • Features on local community concerns and needs. Stories and profiles of individuals, churches and Christian ministry projects that are impacting local communities.
  • Accounts of Christian faith, life and mission that have inspired greater involvement in church life. Articles should be 400 – 800 words in length and should be personable in style, down to earth with little or no Christian jargon or editorializing. It is important that articles be easily read by those who do not have a Christian faith. As much as possible articles should be accompanied by good quality, hi-resolution images. If pictures are available from another source then contact info will be required. (Copy and photos should be sent to




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