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19/06 June 2019

At peace with our fathers

By Neil Josephson   Earl was working two jobs plus farming on the side when I met him. As you […]

19/06 June 2019

Bless you, dad

by Sharon Simpson   How many sermons have you heard in your lifetime? Do you remember many of them? I […]

19/06 June 2019

A father’s story

by Lilianne Fuller   As the plane ascended into the night sky, Saylermoo relaxed into the back of his seat. […]

19/05 May 2019

Are you raising a blessing in disguise?

by Lynne Jackson   Life brings countless trials. For many parents, a prominent trial is the raising of a particularly […]

19/05 May 2019

The sanctity of human life

by Brian Norton   Whether you are pro-life or pro-choice, the number of abortions is numbing – over 100,000 pre-born […]

19/05 May 2019

Dansing Tones

Hannah Premia-Daudjee, with sisters Angie and Sharon   by Angelos Kyriakides   For Hannah Premia-Daudjee, unconditional human dignity is a […]

18/12 Dec 2018

Traditions – the gifts that keep on giving

by Sharon Simpson   They say that some of the age-old Christmas traditions are slowly falling out of favour. The […]

18/04 April 2018

Disrupted adoption

by Julia Cheung More than a decade ago, film star Angelina Jolie made gossip headlines as a new adoptive single […]

17/10 October

Celebrating diversity

by Sue Hitchman When the School Board of a small community in the Lower Mainland sent a letter to parents […]

17/09 September 2017

Indelible imprint – Getting straight A’s on your parenting report card

by Dr. Dave Currie Indelible. Not as common a word today as when I was growing up. Back in the […]