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17/05 May 2017

A Mother’s Influence

by Pastors Dave and Cheryl Koop, Coastal Church   An editor submitted a list of people to Winston Churchill, asking who on the list had been his teacher. He returned the list with this comment, “you have omitted to mention the greatest of my teachers, my mother.” In Exodus 2 we read about Jochebed, Moses’ […]

17/03 March 2017

New life… Spiritual legacy

by Sharon Simpson Yesterday, a new baby entered this crazy and wonderful world. I know that it happens every day, but yesterday, that baby carried my DNA – maybe my eye colour, my hair colour or my ability to wiggle my ears. A granddaughter. My granddaughter. Our family has grown and on both sides and […]

17/01 January 2017

Celebrate BC Family Day with kindness

 Celebrate BC Family Day with kindness by Judi Vankevich As we celebrate BC Family Day this month and begin to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, this is a great time to think about the strength of our nation’s families – the foundation of our nation. Many families are struggling – problems with marriages, finances and with […]

17/02 February 2017

Hearts of Hope

by Debbie Cazander The birth of a baby is not only the culmination of nine months of pregnancy, it is most often the fulfillment of the woman’s greatest desire to finally hold her newborn child in her arms. The motherly nurturing in her heart can now come to fulfilment as she cares for her little […]

17/02 February 2017

Interrupt winter with family fun

by Doris Fleck Granville Island’s family-friendly Winterruption Festival will be melting the winter blues away with hot maple flavoured chocolate, delectable food, colourfully costumed stick walkers, and lively musical performances. In its 12th year, Winterruption will be showcasing a new covered venue called The Forge that will be the hub of the February 18-19 weekend […]

16/11 November 2016

Fight for your families

by Laura-Lyn Tyler Thomson If you need marriage advice, just ask me; I’ve been married a lot. Not proud of that fact, but it is my reality. The church is facing this actuality more and more. Families are broken. Both husbands and wives are abandoning vows, children and responsibilities to find a new life. Communication, […]

16/07 July 2016

Are you fun to live with?

by Dr. Dave Currie   Are you fun to live with? That’s a rather gutsy question to ask yourself. If you are not sure how you’d answer or what the truth might be, you can always ask those you live with. I dare you. Whether your spouse, kids, parents, siblings or a roommate, their responses […]