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18/04 April 2018

Surprised by hope

by Sharon Simpson It’s spring again and the sunshine after months of grey has done some good to the spirit.The […]

17/09 September 2017

To what do you run – to escape pain or avoid conflict?

by Ken Dyck When life becomes difficult, relational conflicts emerge and tensions rise or you simply become bored, what do […]

17/09 September 2017

Are you lonely 1?

[READ LONELINESS 2] by Jenny Schwyeer There are more ways than ever before to stay connected to others:  smartphones (with […]

17/09 September 2017

Boosting immunity during flu season

by Agnes Chung While flu season has not officially arrived in Metro Vancouver, now is a good time to prepare. […]

17/06 June 2017

By what name are you known?

by Ken B. Dyck   Some called him “rich.”  Others called him “short,” a “thief,” a “sinner” and “tax collector.” […]

17/02 February 2017

Chiropractic medicine has come a long way

By Jack Taylor “Just relax,” says my chiropractor as she gently rocks my head back and forth in her hands. […]

17/01 January 2017

Grief is a journey

by Eve Isaak   Grief may be compared to a journey – a road that we must travel between how […]

17/01 January 2017

January is Hot Tea Month

by Christina Van Starkenburg January is National Hot Tea Month. So what better time of year to further indulge the […]

16/12 December 2016

Healthy lungs, healthy life

by Lillianne Fuller When a person receives a diagnosis of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) it’s often assumed they are, […]

16/10 October 2016

Healthy, healing juice

by Selina Williams Juicing fruits and veggies is becoming increasingly popular. With no nutrients in fibre alone, it is liquid […]