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17/09 September 2017

Connecting through art after immigrating to Canada

by Kristin Voth Two years ago, 17-year-old Baz Bedejim could never have guessed he’d be selected to create art exploring Canadian identity. A young teenager whose family had just immigrated to Canada from the Philippines, Baz initially had a tough time adjusting to life in Vancouver. Fortunately, he soon found himself in Youth Unlimited’s Creative […]

17/09 September 2017

Mission, the greatest gift to families

By Claudia Rossetto Being a missional family is not about relocation, but about re-orientation. Those who self-identify as Christians, serve a triune God who is by nature a loving missionary. To be a missionary, locally or globally, is to have an outward orientation. It is a posture of reaching out and engagement. In Genesis we […]

17/09 September 2017

Stella’s Voice Canada: Rescuing children of Moldova from human trafficking

by Agnes Chung It was mid-December 1996. Sixteen orphan children in Moldova froze to death in their beds, while age-out kids (16-year old teens) living in state-run orphanages were put out on the streets. Among them was Stella, a young girl exploited and sold into sex slavery, who contracted AIDS and died at age 19. […]

17/08 August 2017

From Coquitlam to Sri Lanka

Gospel and Mission Series from Missonsfest   by Sandra Crawford   When our newly formed Missions Committee announced the destination for our spring trip, Sri Lanka was an interesting and exciting prospect. However, for a mere ten days (seven days on the ground) it seemed a long way to go, considering travel time, jet lag […]

17/08 August 2017

Building community, transforming lives

by Adrian Prasad David Morgan, pastor of the newly founded church plant, Eden Whalley, calls Whalley “Greater Vancouver’s forgotten child.” The City of Surrey has worked hard in the last few years to create a new image for its infamous town center by building the new city hall and beautiful apartments within Whalley’s core. Though […]

17/08 August 2017

Compelling reasons for church plants

by Jack Taylor   When it comes to restaurants, we hardly stop to examine whether our cities have reached a saturation point with the number and variety of cuisine offerings. New generations and new ethnicities long for something fresh, familiar or different. The establishments catering to the tastes of a critical mass survive – others […]

17/08 August 2017

52% factor for why new churches and campuses grow

People who attend churches or multisite campuses started in the last 5 years are 52 per cent more likely to invite friends and family to “consider faith in Jesus Christ” than at any other time in the life of the church. “This news, which we call the ‘52 per cent factor,’ offers a compelling reason […]

17/07 July 2017

Worldview shift through Gospel

Gospel and Mission Series:   by John Hall In this article we are continuing to explore the 2018 Missions Fest Vancouver theme “What is the Gospel?” through the perspective of missional professionals. We use the word Gospel in a variety of ways in our Christian culture. One of the reasons why may be because of […]

17/07 July 2017

Canadian Evangelism Conference

by Doris Fleck   When Frank King posts his evangelistic blog, Frank’s Cottage, on Facebook, the results are almost always disappointing. These well written, thought-provoking opinion pieces examine tough questions for non-Christians and give the eternal hope that is found in Jesus Christ. King, the News Media Relations Manager for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association […]

17/06 June 2017

The Market at Wagner Hills is open

by Keri Vermeulen   Among the horse farms and vineyards of South Langley is a new market that is brimming with nostalgia for village markets of old, and yet alive with hope for the future. With the aroma of cut wood, the faint scent of fresh paint and a palette of soft whites and vintage […]