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17/10 October

Connecting Mission and Intercessory Prayer

by John Hall To have effective mission, there must be intercessory prayer. We are called to be God’s representatives on earth, extending his Kingdom spiritually and physically. Our cities, our nations, our world needs Christians to be people of prayer Most Christians know the extraordinary promise of Jesus in John 14:12-14 where He says, “and […]

17/02 February 2017

Prayer: In touch with the Divine

by Marion Van Driel   There is probably no other Christian practice that’s been more widely studied, discussed and written about than the topic of prayer. After all, prayer is conversing with God – deepening our relationship with Him. If someone came to you for advice on building a close relationship, what would you say? […]

17/01 January 2017

Spiritual practices for the New Year

by Marion Van Driel  Every January it seems impossible to escape the overload of magazine headlines promoting health and fitness goals that will inevitably produce youthfulness, strength and longevity. In contrast, we seldom hear of people setting spiritual fitness goals – to engage in practices that strengthen the soul – in the knowledge, wisdom and […]

16/12 December 2016

“Prayer, prayer, prayer”

by Frank King Billy Graham was once asked about the most important steps in preparing for an evangelistic mission. His answer was as simple as it is powerful: “Prayer, prayer, prayer.” Most Christians would agree with this, but do we put it into action—especially when it comes to a significant outreach like the Greater Vancouver […]

16/06 June 2016

Prayer still alive in Canada

by Rev. Dr. Ed Hird   Does prayer still have a future in Canada? Canadians are so private about their spiritual practices that it is often hard to tell if anyone is still praying. At the 50th BC Leadership Prayer Breakfast in April, keynote speaker Dr. Angus Reid gave us the latest Angus Reid Institute […]

16/06 June 2016

Vancouver pollster discovers prayer is alive and well in Canada

by Flyn Ritchie Vancouver-based pollster Angus Reid offered his insights on the prayer habits of Canadians during his keynote address to a 1,000-strong audience at the BC Leadership Prayer Breakfast recently. On May 8, the Angus Reid Institute (ARI) revealed the contents of the survey, funded and commissioned by ARI itself. The title – Prayer: […]