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Inspiring Faith



Childish beliefs? Why this popular atheist taunt simply doesn’t add up by Andy Bannister The other morning, I powered up my iPhone

Encouraging Community


“Prayer, prayer, prayer”

by Frank King Billy Graham was once asked about the most important steps in preparing for an evangelistic mission. His answer was as

Everyday Life


Incredible India, seeing is believing

by Keri Vermeulen History is wasted on the text books. To really feel history, sometimes, you just have to get on a plane and check it

Marriage & Family


The best gift for your spouse

By Dr. Dave Currie Ever been stuck wondering what to get your spouse for Christmas? I sure have, especially since I’m a December 24th



Holy Mo! A Christmas Show

by Keri Vermeulen What if you and two friends were assigned with the task of telling the first Christmas story – the Nativity, as your