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Inspiring Faith

Spiritual Disciplines: Solitude, a deep inner silence

by Marion Van Driel   Being alone is uncomfortable. Being alone in total silence can be terrifying. And yet, solitude is considered

Encouraging Community

Beating the opioid crisis with faith

From harm reduction to recovery   by Keri Vermeulen I t was the single worst day in British Columbia for drug overdoses. On April

Everyday Life

By what name are you known?

by Ken B. Dyck   Some called him “rich.”  Others called him “short,” a “thief,” a “sinner” and “tax collector.”

Marriage & Family

Check up on your Father’s Influence

by Pastors Dave and Cheryl Koop, Coastal Church, Vancouver   God sees every chapter of your life, from the beginning to the end.


Theo’s Feast, The gospel made edible

by Agnes Chung   “Paradise Lost”, “Salt of the Earth”, “A Taste of Grace” and “Love Comes to Town”. These are some