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  • Ontario Court of Appeals upholds ‘Effective Referral’ requirements for Euthanasia and Abortion

  • Are you raising a blessing in disguise?

  • Men, it’s time

  • The sanctity of human life

  • Dansing Tones

Inspiring Faith

Changing lives, transforming culture

21st Annual Focus On Life Gala Dinner, to be held on Monday, May 27 at the Italian Cultural Centre, located […]


We were not born to be used

by Brianna Deutsch   “When I went into Deborah’s Gate, I felt naïve. I didn’t know who to trust and […]

Everyday Life

A mother’s story

by Lilianne Fuller   Just over nine years ago, every mother’s nightmare came true for Lucy McLaughlin. On March 23, […]

Marriage & Family

Did you drag a trunk full of junk into your marriage?

by Dr. Dave Currie   Communication? Money? Sex? For decades, these three famous challenges have been said to be the […]


Les Miserables at Xtreme Theatre

by Brianna Deutsch   How does one walk the fine line of grace while living in a broken and perverse […]

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